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Updated: Jan 28

The amount of rainforest lost each year due to deforestation varies depending on the region and the year. According to data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the global rate of deforestation has declined in recent years, but it still remains a significant problem.

The planet needs our love

In the Amazon rainforest, for example, deforestation rates have fluctuated in recent years but in 2020 an estimated 10,000 km² were deforested which represents an increase of almost 30% compared to 2019. In Indonesia, the rate of deforestation has also been high in recent years, with large areas of rainforest being cleared for agriculture and other land uses.

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In Africa, the deforestation rate is lower than in other regions, but still significant in some countries, like Democratic Republic of Congo where the rate of deforestation increased by 27% in 2020. Overall, it's important to note that deforestation not only destroys the natural environment and contributes to climate change, but also causes significant harm to local communities and Indigenous peoples who depend on the forest for their livelihoods.

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