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By burning fossils fuels, to power our factories, cars and heat
our homes, that has stored carbon for millions of years, we’re
releasing huge amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the
atmosphere. This has the effect of trapping heat from the sun
inside the earth’s atmosphere. As a result, the overall average
temperature on earth has risen by 1.2 °C since the start of the
industrial revolution. – This effect is called global warming.

At the same time, increased levels of CO2 are being absorbed
into the sea which is alkaline; with an average pH of 8.1. We
are slowly turning our oceans more acidic which has dire
consequences for organisms such as corals and oysters that
create hard shells by combining calcium and carbonate from
the seawater.

By destroying mangrove landscapes, forests and peat
wetlands which absorb and hold vast amounts of carbon, we
further inhibit earth’s ability to counter the effects of our
carbon emissions.

For millions of years humans and animals have lived in
harmony with the planet, but this has rapidly changed in
just a few generations. Ever increasing competition for space
with the natural world, and vast amounts of pollution on
land, sea and in the atmosphere, has contributed to the rapid
extinction of species, which is threatening our very existence.

Human made global warming, combined with pollution is
causing increased frequency of extreme weather events.

The only way to prevent the earth from continuing to heat up
and change beyond all recognition is to stop our destructive
behaviours. We need to collectively use our ingenuity to
create a way of life for future generations to live sustainably,
and regeneratively, in harmony with the earth’s ecosystems,
including all plant and wildlife.

The time for action is now!


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